About us


We are a new generation company

Today’s existing digital technologies and infrastructures allow us to work connected from anywhere.

This is the reason why the model we have chosen to embrace is that of a distributed company, happiness oriented, focused on the needs of our employees.

Ideas, values and visions move freely from geographical constraints, to create projects that can move, using a common and shared language: gamification.

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We provide companies with our innovative, flexible and usable products for HR management.
We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering professional tools created to unveil, connect and attract the talents of new generations through gameful design.


Innovation is the way to follow for a steady growth.
We believe that play and fun are key elements in discovering unexplored aspects of companies and their employees.
We are confident that people, wherever they are, are the beating heart of every organization.
Skeym represents the Platform 9 ¾ for each of his staff, also supporting the employment of those who, due to physical impossibility, suffer disadvantages caused by current organizational models.
We are pioneers in creating a new market in which we aspire to be leaders.

skeym è il binario nove e tre quarti

Our values


We believe that is important to involve people at all levels of business life. Everyone can contribute and propose new projects and processes to be applied, new products and tools. Through transparent communication, we promote a model in which ideas are shared and minds are open


Clear relations and communication are our strong points. The decisions we make are based on strong ethical principles that govern how we interact with customers, suppliers, and employees


Everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves in the best possible way. We believe in breaking down the normal constraints underlying the employment relationship by enabling people to achieve both their personal and Company goals


We strive to discover and maximize the potential of each of our employees. The places where they are located are not limits for us, but resources from which we can draw to express new ideas and change the way we see the world


Being green is one of our priorities. We work as a distributed company choosing not to have common offices, thus significantly reducing our environmental footprint. Our employees are not forced to move away to work: as far as we are concerned, the whole world is a global office


Skeym creates new horizons, both in human resources and gaming. The company’s innovation engine is not limited to the management board, but involves all internal and external collaborators. Each Manager is responsible for becoming the catalyst for these processes

Skeym.it è un prodotto della Skeym srl

con sede in Roma (RM), via Francesco Denza 27

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