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Gamification is the new trend in the labour market

Discover, in a few simple steps, how to make for your company an assessment video game able to reveal the best talents.

Decide what are the most relevant attitudes or soft skills to your business

Customize one of our solutions by choosing only what you really want to measure
In each package, completely flexible and scalable, you can decide to activate one, all or just some of the parameters indicated

Receive link and registration code for sending to your candidates

When your immersion test is just like you wanted it, it’s ready to be played
You will receive an email including a link and a code to forward to your candidates for starting the online recruitment process

While the candidate plays, Skeym makes an accurate analysis

On the basis of the choices that the candidate makes during the game session, the system analyzes the parameters you have previously chosen and measures the player’s attitudes or soft skills

Receive a report directly to your email address

A detailed report is generated at the end of the game session.

In a clear way it

  • shows the potential of the candidate
  • predict his work performances
  • indicates its areas of improvement

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Always hire or place the perfect person for every role in your company