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The business world is constantly evolving. In order to keep up with the times and market trends, it is necessary to have effective, fast and, above all, innovative tools to propose to companies.

Your hallmark

Distinguishing between consulting agencies is essential to remain competitive in the market.
Skeym is a professional tool that meets the current need for ever more accurate and in-depth analysis.
Offer this opportunity to your customers.
Center your goal.

The tool to choose

The search and selection of external personnel, or change management for human resources already included in the company’s workforce, are crucial challenges for each hr manager.
Service companies can be a valuable help in these delicate moments, offering appropriate solutions in all circumstances.
Provide the right tool to make this process more efficient and precise, propose Skeym to companies.
This innovative gamified assessment platform integrates fully with the best ATSs you usually work with, and it is adaptable to meet your customer’s specific needs.

When it is helpful

You can propose a professional, multifaceted and valid tool for very different applications. Skeym optimizes personnel management and shows its great effectiveness in the following phases


A meticulous centering operation streamlines the number of candidates to be interviewed, skimming the curricula according to the relevance of the characteristics required by the company. The time taken to create a short list is halved, focusing only on profiles that are perfectly suited to the role to be played


The report generated by the game session is an objective document that clearly, completely, quickly and punctually shows the candidates’ characteristics, starting a successful talent management process

Potential assessment

It reveals in a simple and detailed way the attitudes of each resource, predicts the work performance and indicates, for each of the profiles, the areas of improvement to be focused on

Team analysis

It allows a clear comparison of the data collected through the assessment played by the members, it brings out and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the team and indicates the role that each person plays in the group

Opportunities and benefits

The mission of a service company is to guide its customers through facilitating the management of human resources and showing them a path to innovation and simplification.
Skeym can help both to reach this goal.

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