A new method…

… for new talents

An innovative language is needed to communicate effectively with millennials entering the job market. Gamification, at the service of the HR world, provides you with the solution you are looking for.

Job recruitment tools

CVs and career tests don’t tell you everything you want to know. Use Skeym’s potential to reveal candidates’ attitudes and soft skills.

How it works

By playing the adventure game, the candidate has a pleasant immersive experience, explores the story and interacts with the characters as he would do with reality.

What it reveals

Choose what you want to focus your attention on, select the parameters you need to measure with the videogame, and locate the perfect resource for the role he has to play in the company.

The opportunities

You can orientate your choice by selecting one of our solutions, according to the figure for which the assessment is aimed.

  • Team leadership
    It allows you to measure your candidate’s leadership style, decision style, negotiation style and organizational ability
  • Sales management
    Allows you to measure your candidate’s sales style, decision style, negotiation style and organizational ability
  • Attitudinal
    Allows you to measure your candidate’s aptitudes

Package composition is flexible and allows you to always select what you need.


For a successful company management, it is essential to have, at any stage, a clear and precise idea of your resources and their transversal skills. For a coherent and comprehensive picture, you can use Skeym in the phases of



Assessment of potential

Team analysis

Opportunities and benefits

If you want more precise and detailed results than a classic mind test, your solution is Skeym, the tool that

  • shows the candidate‚Äôs potential
  • predicts his work performances
  • indicates its areas of improvement

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