Unlock the best talents

Assessment in just 20 minutes

Are you looking for a simple, economical and fun evaluation process?
Skeym is the online pre & post-hire assessment platform with which you can analyze aptitudes and soft skills in a 20 minutes video game.

Customized reports

Skeym is a flexible and modular talent assessment tool with which you can decide what to measure.
Companies can choose which attitudes or transversal competences to take into consideration, in order to receive psychometric reports of candidates perfectly aligned to their needs.

Start playing

Playing is the first way in which children learn and express their creativity. By playing, you can explore, understand and interact with the world.

Thanks to an innovative gamification-based approach, Skeym allows you to offer candidates innovative assessments in form of adventure games.

A video game, compared to a personality test, makes people feel more comfortable.

The future of the recruitment process is today

The HR world has changed

The HR world has changed, and for those involved in business management, the challenge is continuous and compelling.
A recent LinkedIn study shows that traditional interviews are no longer able to accurately predict work performances.
The interviewee may provide pre-packaged answers to give a better impression of himself and the interviewer tends to choose the candidate who has most impressed him in the career test.
However, this is not always the resource with the greatest potential.
LinkedIn interviewed 9000 talent leaders and hiring managers around the world to identify the five new techniques used to involve and evaluate candidates more effectively during interviews.

Up with the times

The millennials are the first digital natives to come into play with values, culture and a completely different approach to work from previous generations. To discover, conquer, and motivate these new talents it is not enough to rely on a standard personality test.

They consider them obsolete and unattractive, and therefore often destined to be unsuccessful. A Gamified Assessment Platform is the ideal solution. With Skeym you can evaluate talents’ attitudes and soft skills through interactive and engaging video games.

“My work is a game, a very serious game” – M. Hescher